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History of the Euston Club

Euston township

Euston began as Boomiarcool station in 1847, established by seventeen-year-old Edmund Morley at what was then the western limit of European settlement. This station grew to one million acres by 1946, by which time it was known as Euston, after a mansion in Suffolk, England.

A little know fact was Edmund Morey and John McKinlay lobbied the South Australian Government and Adelaide businessmen, on behalf of station owners on the Murray and Murrumbidgee rivers, to put steamers on the Murray River to bring wool to the ports of Goolwa and Mannum.

Euston grew into a small township and subsequently a busy inland port, from which a fleet of paddle-steamers and barges transported the consignments of wool and wheat along the Murray to various New South Wales, Victorian and South Australian townships.

Current day Euston has been forged from a strong European community and the region is known for its vineyards, market gardens, citrus and agriculture.

Club History

The Euston Club was established on a site which was the original location of the Euston Hotel, a popular ‘watering hole’ for the district’s farmers and workers.

The Euston Club commenced trading on September 22, 1984 in a building (stage one) costing $400,000. Stage two commenced in 1986 at a cost of approximately $350,000.

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