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Euston Club – Supporting the Community

Euston Club has traditionally been a major supporter of a number of events and organisations and continues to provide that support. Since 1984 the Euston Club has donated over $2.5m to the local community. Helping hundreds of organisations in the region strive to also reach their goals. We love striving to create great facilities for you to enjoy and making a difference in the community! Some major sponsorship includes:

  • Tour of the Murray Cycling Event (Major Sponsor)
  • Euston Club International Triathlon (Major Sponsor)
  • Robinvale Euston 80 Ski Race Classic (Major Sponsor)
  • CMCA Robinvale RV Rally (Major Sponsor)
  • Robinvle Euston website (Major Sponsor)
  • Robinvale Regional War Memorial (Major Sponsor)
  • Robinvale Golf Club (Supporter)
  • Murray River Fish Re-Stocking Program (Supporter)
  • Paddlesteamer Canally Rebuilding (Supporter)

Euston Club Community Support and Donations wall